FOCUS 1 et 2

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FOCUS 1 et 2

Le Focus is a high-rise project located at the axis of two main streets in Saint-Romuald. Its first phase comprises 10 storeys, two levels of underground parking and a commercial area on the first floor. The second phase comprises 12 storeys of rental apartments.

The Focus apartments project owes its cachet to its huge balconies and large windows, which undoubtedly make it stand out from the crowd. Occupant comfort was a top priority for us at OÏKOS Construction, and we really wanted to encourage people to recharge their batteries.

The Focus is at the center of a wide range of services, and the proximity of these services allows occupants to take advantage of the common spaces within the neighborhood. You’ll definitely want to check it out!

The architectural plans were designed by Sublime Architecture.

Sublime Architecture
170 000