OUR expertise.


Would you like to live in a home that’s simple and welcoming, not to mention safe and comfortable? Our team will meet your expectations while staying on time and on budget. We can also help you obtain Novoclimat certification.  


High-end projects account for a large share of our most outstanding achievements. Whether you’re looking to build a home with a distinctive architectural signature, daring dimensions, or simply a unique character, we have the expertise to take on even the most ambitious construction challenges.


Major renovations can be dauntingly complex. Rest assured, our renovation experts are renowned for their efficiency, professionalism, and commitment to ensuring that their work affects your day-to-day as little as possible. With our high quality standards, we guarantee impeccable results.  


Healthy homes with a low environmental footprint are becoming more and more popular, and they inspire us to truly push our limits. In addition to our commitment to excellence with our customers, we help create healthy living environments that are in tune with nature.


In the multi-unit housing sector, we stand out from other contractors for our ability to implement large-scale real estate projects using our own in-house resources. We act as the principal contractor, which lets us manage and optimize the entire project development process, from feasibility studies to building delivery. We can also collaborate with other developers on more complex projects. 


We’re proud to offer retailers, restaurateurs, and commercial property owners a comprehensive, flexible service tailored to their specific business objectives and challenges.

We’re also committed to working discreetly and meeting your deadlines. By following industry best practices, we ensure that your construction project goes smoothly, minimizing the impact on your company’s operations.


OÏKOS Construction is the epitome of guaranteed quality and satisfaction when it comes to civil engineering. We make informed decisions by drawing on the expertise needed to tackle large-scale projects in areas like excavation, urban infrastructure, hydraulics, transportation, or the environment. Our team is a skilled, multidisciplinary force driven by a passion for detail.  

We put our heart and soul into every stage. Every step of the way, we listen to your needs and your budget, putting them at the forefront of our approach to deliver a service that far exceeds your expectations. At OÏKOS Construction, every project becomes a work of art in the making, and we are the artists behind your success.